Welcome to the InfraREIT Capital Partners, LLC, website. Here you can learn about our heritage, team, goals, core principles, and activities.

InfraREIT manages unique Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) that invest in various forms of infrastructure, including: electric transmission and distribution utility assets, natural gas delivery and storage assets, and other delivery and storage assets.

Our REITs are the first of their kind in the United States and represent a new investment class, the infrastructure REIT. The concept for an infrastructure REIT was originally conceived in 2006, and, over the years, we have worked tirelessly with regulators and other stakeholders to make this concept a reality. Today, we have nearly $1.4 billion of electric transmission assets under management or under construction, and, through its management and use of innovative REIT structures, InfraREIT Capital Partners, LLC, is positioned to continue to provide unique opportunities for investment. We expect to expand the REITs we manage through organic development projects and mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures and to provide stable, satisfactory returns for our investors. We believe that a strong, modern, and growing infrastructure system throughout the United States is critical not only to the health and efficiency of various infrastructure industries, but also to our country's economic, environmental and energy goals. We plan to be an active and impactful participant in the further build-out and improvement of this infrastructure.

I encourage you to review our website and to learn more about how these innovative new REIT structures will be used to provide needed capital investment in our nation's infrastructure.

W. Kirk Baker
President and Chief Executive Officer